Welcome to our Orthodontic Practice - Your Orthodontic & Facial Aesthetic Practice in Berlin-Treptow.

The Orthodontic Practice offers it's patients exceptional orthodontic, facial aesthetic and whitening treatments using state of the art equipment and techniques, all undertaken in a beautiful, relaxed and caring environment.

Our aim is to make sure that everyone we treat experiences an exceptional level of service.

To ensure this we have a highly skilled orthodontic specialist supported by a personally handpicked outstanding team of qualified and caring staff. All of our staff undertake regular postgraduate training to keep abreast of the exciting changes in techniques and appliances in orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

Our goal is to always strive for perfection. We are only satisfied when we achieve excellence.


We work to educate all our patients so that they can take an active role in their treatment so that; together as a team, we can achieve the perfect smile and healthy bite.


Obtaining and maintaining excellent dental health is a commitment that both the patients and we make to each other.



Most people will not see your
braces, thanks to Invisalign.



Very discreet, tooth coloured
fixed or lingual braces.

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